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What do your dreams say about you?

foggy days

This week when I was getting ready for the day, I took a peek out of my bathroom window to discover the heavy fog.  Something about the fog that day was so mysterious and mesmerizing… to be honest it was quite enchanting!!  I know that the fog get’s a bad rap because driving in it can be quite dangerous and very scary!!  But before I set out for the day to tackle the world I just stood there for a moment in a bit of a day-dream.  I actually dreamed I was staring out the window of my fabulous NYC apartment overlooking the trees nestled along the Hudson River!!!  So Fabulous right!!  Dreaming is something that I don’t do often enough… I personally think we could all stand to dream a little more!! When I was younger I dreamed all of the time, I think it was because I was so excited about my future and my BIG life ahead of me!   In my dreams I could do and be anything I wanted, without fear and without  limitations!   Back then, I was even inspired by great T.V shows like FAME that dared me to dream and inspired me to have the guts to go and chase after them..Nothing like the garbage on the T.V today!   This foggy day reminded me to celebrate the dreamer in me, Our Dreams show us the pictures of our desires.  Today I celebrate Dreaming,  to me my dreams represent my spirit talking letting me know that anything is possible…If I can see it in my dreams I can have it in my life!!!  Sweet Dreams everyone!!  Dream on Dreamers….. 

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