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Celebrate being Spontaneous!

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Last Thursday night while I was at work I told my coworkers that I would not be there the following week because I planned on being on the beach in Hawaii. All I can say is that words have power!!!  Friday morning I called the airline, booked the trip, packed my bags and left with my family on Monday morning off to Hawaii.  This was one of the most liberating, spontaneous and crazy things that I have done in a long time…and let me tell you it was long overdue!  No plans, no rules, no permission, no stress we just got up and left…I did manage to get us a room (lol) a nice suite with an incredible view!  It all worked-out exactly how it was suppose too, this trip represented way more than just a vacation it represented a re-birth for the life that I’m planning on leading from this day forward.  When you celebrate being fearless it causes you to step outside of yourself to free yourself allowing you to experience the things that you truly want and desire. Celebrate life and be fearless..just celebrate, you never know what you may be missing… look who was staying at our hotel Comedian Tommy Davidson!!! He was such a fun, kind person I met him at breakfast in our hotel!! Come on people get out there and live!!tommy davidson

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