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Nurture the beauty within!

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Celebrate Beauty and new beginnings.  I have been nursing what appeared to be a lush green beautiful plant in my front yard for almost a year now.  It started out in pretty bad shape when I got to it.  Although It had some green leaves, it was mostly brown and wilted, eventually the entire thing died.  I have been mindful to water it  anyway on occasion, I even put some fresh new soil around it hoping that something would come back.  To my pleasant surprise just a couple of days ago this amazingly lovely White Orchid appeared out of nowhere… It looked so strong, pretty and sturdy… it took my breath away!  Beauty is all around us, if you nurture it with a little attention, love and life is just waiting to come alive and blossom.  That hard ground where the plant resided eventually softened and the water was able to penetrate the soil, all I did was add a little fresh soil to it.  Sometimes things are planted on good soil and we just don’t know it…..if you water and are planted on good soil dead, broken things eventually come back to life…you will be amazed at what can actually grow when you tend to things even just a little bit!  I actually wept because I can relate to this Orchid coming back to life on so many levels…Celebrate the beauty waiting to blossom around you, Life is short live it fearlessly!





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