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Dream big dreams & Create a Vision Board

vision boardCelebrate a Vision!  I made a Vision board a few months ago during a difficult time in my life…As we all know difficult times bring perspective.   At the time I created this board it was the best thing  I could of ever done for myself.  Shortly after I  created my board I started my blog…This Blog (yippee), enrolled in another class at school, and began the journey for creating my new life story!!  It gave me inspiration and hope but truth be told I don’t use it enough to get me back to my center when life throws me a curve. Today after speaking with a dear girlfriend getting some confirmation and encouragement she expressed to me how important it is to use my board as a center whenever I get off track.  My Vision Board represents more than just pictures it’s my vision, for the things that I want, desire, and  intentionally drawing into my life!  A vision should always be celebrated for the things to come my girlfriend reminded me to give thanks for the vision, and to know that your desires are on the way!  Wow Talk about an Ahh Ha moment!!!   She was absolutely right, I was encouraged today, so I’m paying it forward and encouraging you to create a vision for yourself… on a board, in your diary, or in a journal, honor your vision and celebrate the life that’s coming your way!

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