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My Crazy amusement ride on the “Big Shot” in Vegas!


Today I heard a oldie but goodie “Upside down by Diana Ross” It brought back such good memories of being a kid!!! I danced in my living room getting my groove on all by myself lol!  It was so great! Life is short create memories that will keep you laughing for a lifetime!!

bigshot roller coasterMy crazy ride in Vegas!!

A few years back me and my crazy girlfriends had a wild weekend in Vegas and ended up on this craziness at the Stratosphere Hotel called the Big Shot!!!  It was a 160 ft drop off of the tallest hotel on the strip..we were practically the only ones in line..3 of us out of like 5 people (Shoulda known better lol!!!)!!   Before we arrived at the ride I can remember taking the elevator to the observation deck to the 100th floor or so, thinking this is not so bad. As we were looking around for the entrance to the ride a guide pointed to another elevator to take us up even further (Say What)!!!  When we got into this elevator (that took us up even higher) I can remember it being padded, that thing shook us back and back & forth like crazy it was like being on a ride in itself!  I believe this happened  because of the gusty wind at the top of the hotel (the air really is different up there) my ears even popped like being on a airplane!…Once the doors to the elevator opened our jaws dropped!! We were took our breath away, no turning back now it was ON!!! To be on top of that hotel which seemed to have no end was absolutely insane… talk about facing your fears! It was so scary that the guide had to walk people to the ride because they were to terrified to even walk.. One girl was so terrified of being on top of the hotel building that she was crawling and crying she was so fearful for being out in the open gusty air, crazy thing about it is we got on a ride that shot us up even higher (Think I touched the clouds that day :)!!  I have to say it was such a rush and something I’ll never forget! Simply Amazing!!! 

Celebrate good times and memorable moments! Claim your day by giving thanks when you wake up, look in the mirror smile and thank God for the great day you’re going to have and rejoice! This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24).



Luv U Fearlessly!!!lips



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