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Old School Fitness Throw back!

jane fondasuzannesomersRemember back in the day when working out was simple? I surely don’t remember my mother running marathons, jogging every day, or doing cross fit with other moms. She was never rigid when it came to food or working out either like today. I mean.. I get it, I’m a mom too, and I understand we have to fight for our time to stay fit and healthy for not only ourselves but for our families too. What I don’t remember was my moms “working out” to be such an event like nowadays. I don’t even remember my mom ever saying things like “I can’t eat that” or “I’ll pass” on the cake and ice cream at a birthday party. I do however remember her getting her workout-on in our living room for like 20 or 30 minutes occasionally but never obsessively, using her old school VHS video tapes. My mom used the classic Jazzercise videos from the 80’s with Jane Fonda and Suzanne Somers, and in the late 80’s she worked-out to Denise Austin who I believe at that time came on Public television. My mom was dedicated to fitness in her own way, and she always had on a cute little leotard with leg warmers to match and her make-up… was beat lol! To this day my mother has never been overweight nor has she had any weight problems that I’m aware of. My mom has always had a nice shapely womans figure, a small waist with thicker hips, thighs and a nice round rump… a.k.a big butt. I wish we could go back to the good ole days when working out was simple, eating was simple, and we didn’t have to think so hard about how to figure all this stuff out!

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Getting my booty back!

Happy Monday!!

calories burnedIf all it took was 1 hour 25 minutes & 8 seconds to feel absolutely amazing for the entire day would you say Ok? What about 20 minutes, 15 mins or 1 hour…Would you commit?? Could you do it?  One day it may take you 20 minutes and the next day it could take a little longer whatever “it is” be ok with it, find the time and just commit!  Once you decide to commit declare it in the name of God,..say (thank you Jesus) believe it..receive it… and move on!  This #mondaymotovation is to myself and whoever else that chooses to believe that today is a new day, and whatever happened yesterday is in the past.  Stay positive and focused on TODAY…even if  you are operating by the minute it’s all good!  Remember to smile, get through it,  and be thankful for the journey.  The opportunity to move is truly a gift, so don’t waste it with excuses by taking it for granted!  After the deed is done kill them with kindness because you are kind.. And be fabulous with your beautiful  Spirit and Body to match!  My fitness mantra for today is “If it’s not hard enough it’s probably not working enough”!! #results! Love and blessing for a beautiful YOU…feel good TODAY because you did that…yep I did that!!!starting the day off right!

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Getting my booty back..It’s been a year Update!

IMG_0440Then…8/2014me update Now…8/2015

Hi everyone!  It’s been a while since I have done any updates on my progress, so I decided to show you photos from where I started and I where I am today. I want to start off by saying I’m feeling great…the best I have felt physically in a long time! I’m still committed to keeping up with whatever I need to do stay in shape. I thrive on physical activity, I look at it as a challenge(no guts no glory so I’m going HARD)!!  Back when the old photos were taken I pushed my body to the brink, running everyday and not eating enough food (a.k.a) proper nutrition. Today I run a lot less and I eat a lot more..(go figure?) I try really hard to eat  mostly clean but hey, food is pleasure to me and I’m totally fine with shots of pleasure every now and then.  Thank you for allowing me to be honest..over-sharing at times (haha) and over-showing (sorry too much at times I know)!!  Thanks for allowing me to be real about it, seeing me on good days and bad going through the struggle all in pursuit of  trying to figure this crazy fitness thing out! Like…lifting weights, walking, running or my newest obsession hot yoga!  I have settled on and made-up in my mind a long time ago even while I was running everyday, over-doing it and making bad choices, that exercise is a part of my daily life (period).  I feel grateful to be able to do it and will continue too as long as God says ok. Be fearless and Live!!

IMG_0450back shot 8-26-158/2014 (photo on right)  8/26/15 (photos on left)Still walking through the journey!

8-26-15 body update

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The Importance of a Rest day from Excerise!

rest from excersiseHappy Sunday! This time around I want to talk to you about rest. I know this section of the blog is all about building up those voluptuous curves and getting that booty siting up high, tight and all-mighty (lol), but today I want to talk about the importance of rest and giving that body of yours a break. Yesterday my body reminded me how much I really NEED to look forward to my rest days!  I also want to share my personal experience, and this article I found in Shape Magazine .  I have a crazy hectic life (like many of us do) so my rest day can vary from week to week, my general rule is to have 5-6 consecutive days of working out with one day of rest.  Have you ever had this happen to you?? Your body says no and completely shuts you down?… Well yesterday this happened to me!!  After finishing my Saturday morning/mid-afternoon duties I changed my clothes to get ready for a 90 minute yoga class. I had a few extra minutes before class so I sat down on the couch with my towel and water in hand ready to go…Well that few minutes turned into 3 1/2 hours later, I woke up clutching my towel like a pillow (lol)  completely passed out!! This was a reminder to me that for all of the things I put my body through it deserves at the very least 1 day of rest from working-out.  For many of us It’s back to school time getting back into the groove with the kids, early mornings, school lunches, field trips and volunteering in the classroom. Make sure to take care of yourself and get the rest you need, working-out is a good thing in fact it’s a great thing but overdoing it does us no good!!  If we stay on over drive never stopping for a much-needed break we sabotage our efforts!  rest daysI’ve discovered that when my body does not get enough rest not only does it shut down but I start to hold onto that pesky fat that I’m working so hard to keep off, I don’t get my monthly cycle due to over training (scary) lowing estrogen levels is never a good thing, or I hit a plateau and no matter how hard you train you just don’t see any results. Besides in order for muscle to grow the body needs rest so that the muscles can  repair itself, strengthen and grow. Please do not stop your grind do whatever you need to do to feel amazing and stay healthy, no doubt it’s important just remember that giving your body rest is equally as important!Have a wonderful week train hard and rest peacefully!!

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The Benefits of Hot Yoga!

after hot yogaHi everyone!! Update Alert…On my last blog post I told you that I was venturing out to try Bikram Yoga (a.k.a) Hot Yoga. Initially I was supposed to take the class with a friend for her birthday but like many moms our schedules did not quite line-up together (no harm no foul) so I paid the $15 drop in fee and ventured out to take the class on my own. As mentioned in my previous post Bikram Hot Yoga I have taken yoga classes before at my local gym but never considered yoga to be a game changer for your body on its own. To me yoga was something I did after a long run or hard work-out, it seemed to foo-foo something for trendy girls who didn’t want to sweat!!…Boy oh boy was I COMPLETELY WRONG!!!!! Upon entering into the yoga studio I thought hmm this is not so bad, yes it was hot but it’s bearable.  I instantly scanned the room filled with half-naked participants of every size, shape and age which impressed me right away…what great confidence everyone had!!! So bold, free and fearless… I’m so lovin the vibe in this space!!!  I was introduced as the newbie to the group and was greeted with love & support as a first timer. For the first class you are encouraged to just stay in the room even if you cannot do all of the poses overcome the heat and do not leave the hot studio.  Bikram is all about listening to and honoring your body.  As a reformed runner (3 marathons 2 full and 1 half) running up to 30 plus miles per week sometimes  (thankfully the old me) not to mention the rounds and rounds of P90X/weight training this body of mine up has been beat-up pretty good!  This class was excellent,  on a scale from 1-10 Bikram Yoga gets a 10.  This class was one of the most incredible things that I have done for my body in a long time without all of the stress!! As difficult as class was (holding the poses and concentrating) I gotta say afterwards I felt renewed, centered and accomplished like my body was screaming thank you G for taking the time to care for it lovingly and with care.  Yoga is a practice as well as a process just like any other physical activity, pushing past limitations with concentration, focus and strength talk about incredible all while dripping in bucket loads of sweat from head to toe!!! I can see changes in me already it’s absolutely nuts..needless to say yes I’m addicted!  I feel great and over the moon about my yoga booty baby lol!!! Putting in the work is what we have to do if you want to see results, no way around it!! Give your body some love and care by giving Bikram Yoga a try…your body will thank you for it.  Namaste!!

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Bikram hot Yoga

yoga meWork.. work.. and more work! Just wanted to give you a quick update on my work-out life, my body and getting that booty of mine back and looking oh so righteous!!!!  I’m still going at it strong,committed to my daily grind, and always open to try new things!  This morning I’m going to try a Bikram Yoga class (a.k.a) hot yoga and I could not be more thrilled! I’m looking forward to this class for many reasons,(one) to try something new, (two) to release some much-needed toxins from my tired stressed-out body, and (three)to stretch things out. Bikram is 90 minutes of yoga going through 26 positions in a heated room.  I have done regular yoga before and enjoyed it, but It was never something I really got into.  I felt like yoga alone was not going to give me the body I wanted??   I’m excited to be wrong about yoga, hoping that by going to an actual yoga studio vs. the yoga classes offered at my local gym to feel differently about it. I love that you DO NOT have to be a yoga-ista to participate…and all fitness levels are welcome taking away any intimidation/stress about the class.  I’m in desperate need of removing toxins and stress from my body so I’m looking forward to this class!!!  I have been putting this bod under some extreme stress so I’ll take any kind of release I can get!!  I can’t wait to give you a review about my class this morning,  After class today I’m going to come home and take a hot relaxing soak with Thymes Temple Tree Jasmine (available here @ luv2shopmycloset) bath saltsjasmine bath salt this yummy treat steeped in honeysuckle and coconut milk is so delightful, it will be the perfect ending after a great workout! wake-up folks and start living today….Stay healthy and live fearlessly!!run pic

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Workout..Thighs, Hamstrings & Glutes

 A while back I came across these incredible 10-20 minute HIIT workouts videos focused on whatever you are looking to target, like the Thighs, Hamstrings and Glutes in real-time!  I love Melissa Bender workout videos I tried this one yesterday and I’m completely sore today….She knows her stuff if you are looking to switch things up, ready to sweat, and short on time give her videos a try!