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gorgeous insideHappy Monday everyone! When I was out for a run the other day I saw this for sale sign in the neighborhood, it made me think am I gorgeous inside? This is what I came up with! #Motivationmonday  I’m no longer willing to sacrifice my body for a cupcake and an extra bag of chips, or for my mind to be used as the devil’s playground, my time to be wasted by others, my spirit to be sucked out of me like a straw, and for my ideas to be disregarded as unimportant or invalid! Today I stand for me and for the God who created and loves me, and wants to know about all things that matter to me! God is the best thing I got going how about you??  To sit back and not rest in that truth and use that power to its fullest capacity would be criminal and dumb. Are you Gorgeous Inside or for Sale to whoever is willing to buy?

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Blue Hair Friday!!!

old color-2old color-3I have been rocking my Old hair Color…Light brown on top and dark brown on the bottom forever..It’s me. During the summertime my light brown gets even lighter. I felt it was time for a change, may-dayHELP!! My eyes have been on the color blue… for a while now, I was just not too sure if I could pull off blue hair…??  Was this look too young for it gonna look CRAZY etc.. I decided to color my hair myself no pricey salon on this trial run because I was just not that committed… and I wanted to give this thing a try on my own. I was feeling gutsy so… splat blue envyI purchased a box of hair color at Walmart called Splat Blue Envy (good price watching my coins).  I loved the color on the box too… A really beautiful blue indigo (my favorite color). I darkened my roots medium brown but left the middle section of my light brown light just in-case things turned out disastrous! I decided before I even started this color experiment not to use the bleach on my hair that came in the box….I was just not comfortable with bleaching my hair without a I'm blue2professional! IDK what’s going on with this blue I have to do it again because it looks dark any tips you may have for me I would love to hear how to get the color lighter without the bleaching. You can’t really tell in the picture unless you are standing right next to me. blue fairy princess pretty blue hairMy kids say they like the blue, they noticed it immediately (it’s more noticeable in person)!! I saw these blue beauties out and about on the streets doing their thing!! I was so inspired…I love seeing the variety in all of us.  We are all so different it’s so cool to see our differences rocking our blue Magic (I wish mine was a tad little lighter in the pix tho)!  Be fearless and try something new…It may not go exactly the way you planned but then again it may turn out to be something wonderful you never expected!!!! go ahead express yourself…I dare you!

I luv U fearlessly!!


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Celebrate being Spontaneous!

welcome to Hawaii me on the beach paradise








Last Thursday night while I was at work I told my coworkers that I would not be there the following week because I planned on being on the beach in Hawaii. All I can say is that words have power!!!  Friday morning I called the airline, booked the trip, packed my bags and left with my family on Monday morning off to Hawaii.  This was one of the most liberating, spontaneous and crazy things that I have done in a long time…and let me tell you it was long overdue!  No plans, no rules, no permission, no stress we just got up and left…I did manage to get us a room (lol) a nice suite with an incredible view!  It all worked-out exactly how it was suppose too, this trip represented way more than just a vacation it represented a re-birth for the life that I’m planning on leading from this day forward.  When you celebrate being fearless it causes you to step outside of yourself to free yourself allowing you to experience the things that you truly want and desire. Celebrate life and be fearless..just celebrate, you never know what you may be missing… look who was staying at our hotel Comedian Tommy Davidson!!! He was such a fun, kind person I met him at breakfast in our hotel!! Come on people get out there and live!!tommy davidson

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Celebrate with a Summer vacation

county-clipart-The-Word-Summer-Clip-Art-1hwctr7With school lurking around the corner ugh…(so not ready) the kids getting restless and bored eating you out of house and home it’s time grab the crew and take a family vacation!  I know that vacations  especially with the whole family can be quite expensive, so get creative go to the lake and go swimming or tubing…. finding things to do on the cheap is totally do-able just get out and do something!!!  We could all use a little R&R with some fun in the sun away from the everyday routine and rat race, take time to celebrate the one’s you love with a vacation go ahead and CELEBRATE SUMMER!! 

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4th of July Celebrations

Happy Fourth of July!

flagCelebrate our country’s independence today by hanging out with family and friends!  We are so extremely blessed to live in this country.  I know the US is not perfect, but there is no other place I’d rather be! Living life and the pursuit of happiness is what this country is all about, set aside the problems and differences (save it for another day) because TODAY we are choosing to celebrate The United States of America! Freedom is such a special thing and worth celebrating, you don’t miss your freedom until it’s taken away…so enjoy it!  Happy Independence’s day America celebrate with a barbecue, swimming and of course the fireworks… so magical! Life’s short Celebrate it fearlessly!!