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Butt building exercises with weights

working that booty side lunge w-weights Working out with weights leg lifts

Hey Everyone!!! Are you ready?? Tomorrow is the first day of SPRING!! (Hooray)!!!  I Hope you are having a wonderful week and getting the chance to get some exercise into your busy schedule!!  Today I am incredibly sore.. It’s been over a week and a half since I have done any exercise or resistance training coming off of being sick.  Call me cra-zy but it feels good to be sore… I’m actually grateful to be doing anything!!!! Taking our health for granted is a big mistake the opportunity to move is such a blessing, our body is the temple to our spirit so be good to it!! To have mobility and health is something we all forget to appreciate until it’s gone… so USE it! It also feels great to be hitting some new sweet spots in my work-out too… I’m feeling the pain ya’ll and I love it (lol). I want to share a few exercises that seem to be helpful in building my calves and glutes, if you are not lifting weights ladies you need to start, the difference I see and feel from lifting weights is pretty incredible. The first exercise is a side lunge with weights, and the next exercise is a standing leg lift with weights.  Both exercises require core strength (added benefit) and balance so take your time to build up to 8-15 lunges or lifts per set. I’m far from perfect but to look at the difference from where I have come from (skinny fat runner) is pretty fascinating…I feel strong..I am strong :). Eating pretty clean most of the time has become a way of life for me (period) I do enjoy treats here and there because denying your self is a set-up for failure, but for the most part I try to eat clean.  I do have a killer sweet tooth and It’s still a weakness but I’m making changes. It seems as though all of the latest research suggest that mostly everything we eat turns to sugar so educate yourself and BEWARE!!!) Moderation is the key to a good healthy balanced life.  There is nothing more powerful than a confident, secure and strong woman who loves and feels good about herself… she is a inspiration and a blessing to everyone around her!

lips Luv U Fearlessly!



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