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Build a better butt by doing walking lunges around the house

knee lungeDoing lunges around the house looks a bit strange but I DON’T Care it’s working lol!!!  In a typical day we are continually walking within our home doing various chores or different activities, like preparing meals, getting the kids ready, letting the dog out, getting the mail etc… You would be surprised to discover just how many steps you actually take just by walking around your home!  The thing I have been doing lately instead of walking to the kitchen or garage is I lunge my way to it to get a little butt work in…to my pleasant surprise It’s been working. I have noticed by doing a few simple things like walking lunges around the house, It keeps my butt engaged which results in a more plump, rounded looking booty.  I have also been making a point not to sit for long stretches at a time. I recently read an interesting article on  How to Get Rid of Secretary ButtYikes!!! Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can actually flatten your bottom? Yep it’s true. We have got to find a way to move often, even while we are working.  It’s import to do this for overall health (moving) and circulation, besides who wants to have a round flat shapeless butt!!! Certainly not me! No way Jose I’m moving, I’m lunging doing whatever it takes to  look the best I can coming and going (Amen)!!  Since We have to be clever about everything else we do in life, exercise and good health is no exception.  It’s a win-win all the way around, we are staying active and engaged getting the results we desire and deserve. Remember adding movement and resistance is our goal don’t worry about adding weights if you don’t have any, our bodies provide enough resistance if we use it properly, just get moving to build a better YOU and a better bottom TOO!!

2 thoughts on “Build a better butt by doing walking lunges around the house

  1. Hi Mia thank you so much for your comment & the info!! I Agree with you 100%. You have to try many things to discover what works best for you, everything does not work the same for everybody. For me it’s been a journey especially with all of the false info out there:( unfortunately I have tried a lot of it! I encourage everyone to find something that’s working, be consistent, and don’t stop until you get the results you want! For me It has been over a year+ before seeing any change or gains in my butt (not just from fat)… coupled with eating right (mostly all of the time) :) THE Struggle is REAL!!! Slow and steady plus consistency wins the race, building muscle takes time we have to get realistic about that for sure!!

  2. Honestly, there is only one way to get a bigger but… You have to pick a program and STICK TO IT. People confuse themselves way too much. Invest $30-40 on a workout program (there are tons online), instead of $50+ per session with a personal trainer, and follow the program. The point is, just stop thinking about it so much and find something you’re comfortable doing on a daily basis. is an honest review site with some good programs.

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