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Breakfast Egg White Lettuce Wraps!

egg white lettuce wrapNow I think I have shared with all of you before many times over that I’m a girl who has never found a carb she did not love..(with the exception of Rye bread not a fan).  I love carbs period… point..blank(bang-bang)… (it’s empty I’m done) not to mention they serve as fuel to keep me going throughout my crazy.. busy..hectic life.  I’m sort of reformed carb-o-holic these days because I know I have the ability to go carb over-board quickly.  I eat carbs but I try to be a little more mindful (nothing obsessive) about the amount of carbs I’m consuming on a regular basis. On Friday I had a craving for egg whites, so I decided instead of grabbing a whole grain bun which is my usual choice to give lettuce a try… Nothing wrong with a whole grain bun filled with fiber and complex carbs but today I wanted to try something different.  This was the first time that I had lettuce for breakfast…it’s a little strange but hey I’m open.  The thought of it was kinda weird but I went for it anyway! To my pleasant surprise it was not weird at all, breakfast was light but filling I felt completely satisfied not missing the bun at all.  Will I do this all of the time???…No, but I will some of the time, I enjoy fresh food… it makes me happy like I’m doing something really wonderful for this old body of mine!  If you enjoy eating lettuce wraps this idea is nothing strange to you other than the fact you are using eggs and eating you wrap for breakfast!!!  Don’t ditch the carbs completely because we need them, stay open to trying new things and mixing up your foods rotation in a healthy way. Life is way too short to deny yourself great food… never deny modify EAT This and enjoy every last bite!!  

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