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Booty Back..the work continues

 Hi Everyone!   Boy, It has definitely been a journey on getting this booty back and I’m still on it!!  I wish I could say the journey has been easy or that it’s happened super fast like in a month or two but that simply isn’t true.  The truth of the matter is that it takes a lot of dedication and hard work…(commitment & exercise) combined with diet and nutrition to see results.  I finally conclude that good nutrition 85% of the time is the main source for getting results, combined with exercise .  I was in denial about this for years..I now believe it’s the only way to get where you want to be, no magic pills.   Guess what?  You have got to eat more food too…Not more junk food,  but good food like fruits, veggies, protein and less sugar.  The stuff that I have been posting on “Eat this” has really been a food diary (mostly) of what I’ve been eating.  I also want to say that results take time, stop thinking everything happens fast because it doesn’t… it’s not realistic and it sets you up for disapointment.  Just as long as it takes to lose that booty/body expect for it to take time to get it back!!  New Pic’s coming at the end of this month!!

Resistance Band workouts
p90x 3 levels of resistance bands

I don’t get the chance often (rarely) to go to the gym and workout with heavy weights.  I do have weights at home but not the really heavy ones.. nor do I have any special equipment at home.  I rely solely on workout videos, scanning the web for exercises or T.V shows for great at home workouts.  From all of the research I’ve done it seems that major glute/muscle building requires lifting heavy weights for substantial growth.  Since all of my workouts are at home, I’m always looking for new challenging ways to fire up and fatigue my glutes, plus I do believe in the whole muscle confusion thing….Gotta mix it up!  Like I always say I’m no expert,  just a woman at home on a mission looking to do whatever I can to get my body/booty back.   Sharing the journey with you tracking the ups and downs has been really rewarding, super embarrassing and scary!!!(lol) It’s good for me to walk this walk facing my fears transparently!  Resistance bands are almost always a guaranteed “I’m gonna be sore” the next day butt kick workout for me.  I like that the bands provide resistance and make the workout a lot more challenging since I don’t have heavy weights.  You can purchase whatever resistance level band that works for you, low intensity to extreme resistance!  Here are some glute resistance band workouts worth giving a try!  I found these on Side Step Standing up, with the band around your ankles, step your right leg out to the side and squat down. Then put your feet back together. Step out to the side with your left leg and squat. Then, back together. Repeat. This works the biggest muscles in your entire body — the thighs, glutes and adding your arm movement will get the heart rate up even more. Thigh Master Place the band just above the knees. Stand with heels together, hands on your hips, slightly bent knees and raise your heels just two inches off the floor. Squat down one more inch and start to press the knees out, in, out, in, etc. Thighs and Glutes Lay on your side on the floor. Loop the resistance band around your thighs. Rest onto the forearm that’s on the ground, keeping your legs stacked one on top of the other, knees bent in like a zig-zag. Lift your top leg up and down, up and down. Repeat on the other side. 


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