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Blue Hair Friday!!!

old color-2old color-3I have been rocking my Old hair Color…Light brown on top and dark brown on the bottom forever..It’s me. During the summertime my light brown gets even lighter. I felt it was time for a change, may-dayHELP!! My eyes have been on the color blue… for a while now, I was just not too sure if I could pull off blue hair…??  Was this look too young for it gonna look CRAZY etc.. I decided to color my hair myself no pricey salon on this trial run because I was just not that committed… and I wanted to give this thing a try on my own. I was feeling gutsy so… splat blue envyI purchased a box of hair color at Walmart called Splat Blue Envy (good price watching my coins).  I loved the color on the box too… A really beautiful blue indigo (my favorite color). I darkened my roots medium brown but left the middle section of my light brown light just in-case things turned out disastrous! I decided before I even started this color experiment not to use the bleach on my hair that came in the box….I was just not comfortable with bleaching my hair without a I'm blue2professional! IDK what’s going on with this blue I have to do it again because it looks dark any tips you may have for me I would love to hear how to get the color lighter without the bleaching. You can’t really tell in the picture unless you are standing right next to me. blue fairy princess pretty blue hairMy kids say they like the blue, they noticed it immediately (it’s more noticeable in person)!! I saw these blue beauties out and about on the streets doing their thing!! I was so inspired…I love seeing the variety in all of us.  We are all so different it’s so cool to see our differences rocking our blue Magic (I wish mine was a tad little lighter in the pix tho)!  Be fearless and try something new…It may not go exactly the way you planned but then again it may turn out to be something wonderful you never expected!!!! go ahead express yourself…I dare you!

I luv U fearlessly!!


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