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Bikram hot Yoga

yoga meWork.. work.. and more work! Just wanted to give you a quick update on my work-out life, my body and getting that booty of mine back and looking oh so righteous!!!!  I’m still going at it strong,committed to my daily grind, and always open to try new things!  This morning I’m going to try a Bikram Yoga class (a.k.a) hot yoga and I could not be more thrilled! I’m looking forward to this class for many reasons,(one) to try something new, (two) to release some much-needed toxins from my tired stressed-out body, and (three)to stretch things out. Bikram is 90 minutes of yoga going through 26 positions in a heated room.  I have done regular yoga before and enjoyed it, but It was never something I really got into.  I felt like yoga alone was not going to give me the body I wanted??   I’m excited to be wrong about yoga, hoping that by going to an actual yoga studio vs. the yoga classes offered at my local gym to feel differently about it. I love that you DO NOT have to be a yoga-ista to participate…and all fitness levels are welcome taking away any intimidation/stress about the class.  I’m in desperate need of removing toxins and stress from my body so I’m looking forward to this class!!!  I have been putting this bod under some extreme stress so I’ll take any kind of release I can get!!  I can’t wait to give you a review about my class this morning,  After class today I’m going to come home and take a hot relaxing soak with Thymes Temple Tree Jasmine (available here @ luv2shopmycloset) bath saltsjasmine bath salt this yummy treat steeped in honeysuckle and coconut milk is so delightful, it will be the perfect ending after a great workout! wake-up folks and start living today….Stay healthy and live fearlessly!!run pic

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