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Big Lush curls with Rollers!

 Tracy Ellis RossBig 80’s hair LOVE!!  I love Tracy Ellis Ross’s big lush curls on her natural hair.  Rollers are making a come back!!  As a young girl I can remember my mom rolling her hair most nights with curlers then wrapping a scarf around it before she went to bed.  The next day she always had these amazing bouncy luscious curls.  Nowadays we all going back to the basis, omitting the flat iron and hot curlers for a longer lasting NATURAL curl option with curlers.  I have noticed that big curls are making a comeback, no more straight life-less hair it’s all about big shine and bouncy beautiful curls, for long or short hair!




conair soft pillow-rollersEco StylerRolling up my natural!  I’m usually a wash n go girl, no fuss no must…which I’m totally happy and fine with!  I’m always looking for way to mix-up my style and to do something different with my curls.  I love Tracee Ellis Ross big lush natural style, I really like her hair when it looks like what appears to be a roller-set on her natural curls.  So I went to my local Walgreens to buy some rollers. Now what I remember about rollers is watching my mom and auntie’s wearing those big hard plastic rollers in the 80’s and those lovely soft sponge rollers in the late 70’s.  So for me I knew that neither of those type of rollers would work for me! I needed something soft and flexible just in case I needed to sleep in them, I also knew that too loose of a roller wouldn’t work either so I finally settled on Conair Pillow soft Rollers  which seem like they will work for what I’m looking to achieve….Hmmmm here goes!

me rollers2me rollersHere’s what I did, before I rolled I sectioned my hair  then put in  a couple of  big braids, I used Eco styler (styling gel with Keratin) use it sparingly a little bit goes a long way all you need is a little so your hair does not get crunchy.  then I rolled the braid under and loosely not all the way.  As you can see from my picture I didn’t go up all the way because I was trying to achieve a looser curl.  I left it in for about an hour and hit it with the blow-dryer to speed up the process.  I only did the front of my hair just to get a peek of what I could expect..The next time I will do my entire head.  Here are my results…I would love to know what you think?!after rollers rollers-final



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