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Before and After Butt building Update!

booty update 5-24-15Hello Everyone!!! I’m so excited to be back blogging, I have missed you all! Thank you for the wonderful feedback and support you have given to me, It gives me life and I really appreciate it !!  It’s hard to believe that my last update was over a month ago so cra-zy. I have been a busy,kids, school…if you name it I’m pretty sure I have been busy doing it!  Through the mist of it all I have still managed (thank you God!) to lift weights and do some resistance training.  In an effort to bump up and get more cardio in the mix, I have also included daily walking…(no longer running only quick sprints) at least five miles per day. I always like to do my workouts in the morning either solo or with my dog, but if life doesn’t permit itself to happen that way I just go with the flow and get it done however I can. If I want or need to get extra miles (calories burned) I will walk with a girlfriend or my family in the evening. Walking with someone in the evening is such a great release after a long day.  It serves as double duty too we get to exercise, walk, talk, catch-up, encourage one another and woo-sah!! The buddy system is such a blessing and a great way to have accountability in your training… plus it allows you to stay connected with the ones you love. We are all in this together getting the booty is just the bonus to fitness and good health, stay encouraged and keep going strong no matter what or where you are in the journey. Embrace and love your body today, remember that you will get where you are going just stay committed and focused on your goals. My booty is definitely coming back and looking better… I’m so loving my curves!  I feel really good, still totally confused about the gains-muscle vs. weight thing??? But I’m not too concerned about it because I’m happy with my results thus far…I’m a work in progress who loves me just figuring it out as I go! This whole process has been a long haul, no magic pills or quick fixes just commitment and clean eating (mostly :).  Still hard to believe It’s been over a year since I started the get my booty back journey. My clothes still fit from my running days, some things surprisingly are getting a little loose even tho my scale has gone up…. so I’m thinking (fingers crossed) I’m building muscle and losing inches. Excuse my natty hair in this photo (lol!)oooweeee!! Please let me know how you have progressed too I would love to hear from YOU and how you are doing! Keep on moving don’t STOP!! You are worth good health and the body you desire through Love & Faith you got this!!!! Journey on!!

I took the photo in the pink a couple of days ago 5/22/15, My body is more shapely and it looks better naked (Yay). The photo on the right was taken 9/21/14 IMG_0562


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