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Banana Waffles Brule w/candied Walnuts!

banana brule waffles

I’m learning that  having a healthy lifestyle is something that I can no longer negotiate!!!    For me food is a very important part of  my journey I am someone who really celebrates and enjoys a great meal!  Amazing food always brings fond memories of family, friends and special moments.  I’m a vegetarian but Not Vegan so I’m always trying to find creative, yummy nutritious ways to add protein and healthy carbs  into my diet.   Before luv-ing myself fearlessly I was a confessed (carb-crazed overloaded) carb-o-holic!!  My diet consisted of mostly unhealthy carbs that I used for fuel to keep myself going throughout the day.  I have nothing against granola… (healthy granola) but my eating healthier profile consisted of granola bars…I was a granola fiend I tell ya sometimes eating 2-3 granola bars a day (unhealthy and insane) I knew that I could do better!.  The truth is the unhealthy carbs never really worked for me because I was never satisfied not to mention my diet was low in protein and empty calories which resulted in a super sluggish me crashing hard at the end of everyday (not GOOD)!!!!.  Today my diet is not perfect at all.. and for me perfection is not the goal…. I just want to be healthier and feel amazing.  I now look at food as fuel (garbage in garbage out…no time for that thank you!) since my days are jammed packed I need good fuel to keep this ole machine going strong all day long!!  This my take on what I’m calling Banana Waffles Brule with candied walnuts yum!!    This breakfast is high in protein and low in sugar I also added to hard boiled eggs sprinkled with salt, pepper and smoked paprika with fresh blackberries, I hope you try it and use your own variations to make it great for you and when you do please share because I would love to hear about it!  Luv & Blessings! kiss

Easy peasy

vans protein wafflesingredients-4-brulewalnutsbrule bananas

2 Vans Power Grains waffles (11 grms of protein per serving loaded with cracked red wheat, millet, steel cut oats and brown rice)

1/3 cup of raw walnuts

1/2 banana

1 tsp of coconut sugar (Trader Joes organic coconut sugar)

1 tsp 100% pure organic maple syrup

in a sauce pan on medium heat combine coconut sugar and maple syrup together until coconut sugar is dissolved with maple syrup (it looks like caramel sauce) toss walnuts in pan and try to get most of the nuts coated.   It’s not a lot of the sauce but it’s enough, remove nuts from the pan and set aside to cool (they will be sticky)  Add sliced bananas to that same pan, heat slightly coating banana’s until they caramelize with the left over syrup. Toast your waffles and place on a plate pour your warm banana’s on top of waffles then add your cooled candied walnuts.  Talk about delicious OMGravy!!!  It’s soo good….  your kitchen will smell amazing too!  Since I love the whole salty sweet I added 2 caged free eggs and a couple of  fresh blackberries to complete the meal.  It was a great combination of healthy carbs and protein, I felt full, satisfied and ready to face the day without feeling deprived!


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