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Almost time for Spring Cleaning!

spring door-mat-lowesHello everyone the times getting close for doing some serious spring cleaning!  So set out your welcome mat and invite spring in!   Winter is hopefully ending soon, time to get those carpets cleaned, floors polished, shelves dusted and get rid of the cobwebs up high in the corners (lol well, at least me)!  Decorating for Spring (for me) starts with a good old fashion scrub down… a bucket, a sponge and some hot sudsy water!   It’s time to  open  up the windows from being closed up all winter long and let the fresh clean air come through your entire home.  What I love about spring decor other than the bright colors,  is that Spring represents a time for renewal things start to grow, bloom and become alive.. and I love it!  Now is a good time to start thinking about the things you would like to incorporate in your home for spring.  Something as simple as fresh cut flowers in a mason jars can make a world of difference in your space,  go from drab to fab this spring get inspired and stay creative!  Happy Cleaning!


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