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70’s Chic Spring/Summer 2015

70s retro chic shadesChloe : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015I’m really excited about the Spring/Summer collection in fashion for 2015!!  In fashion we all know that everything old becomes new again, I’m not mad about this old trend making a come back for 2015 it’s 70’s Chic!   I grew up in the 70’s, so for me watching my mom and her sisters wear some serious fierce fashions during the 70’s was the norm, so I’m super excited to rock  this 70’s Chic thing using my mom as style inspiration.  To tell you the truth I don’t think I have ever stopped incorportating this hip trend into my wardrobe because it’s a timeless classic!  And since my mom holds onto everything (boderline horder-ish lol sorry mom!!)  I may just have to ask her to shop her closet!  So look out mom’s closet  here I come, I’m so down for some authentic real deal 70’s fabulousness!! With so many different looks from this cool decade you can just go crazy and have some serious fun!  Having style is all about your individual take on the trends, make a statement about who you are and do your own thing…. I say go bold and get your shine on!!!  Save some serious cha ching$$$ and support your local thrift shops by shopping for some cute one-of-a-kind pieces.   Start by adding fun things to incorporate into your everyday looks…. show me what cha got I would love to see what you come up with too, I’ll keep you posted on my looks as I pull them together too!  Have fun and be Fearless!  

wedge gladiators

My Lust Have! CHLOE’  Wedge Gladiator sandals $1450

Heartsoul Gladitor wedge sandles

HeartSoul Wedge Gladiator sandals Kohls $39.99

70's oversized circle sunglasses70's sunglass chic







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