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Trash Talking Tee’s with Style!

damn gina-martin

Do you ever feel like you don’t want to say a word and just let your t-shirts do the talking for you?!!  Sometimes It’s all about expression being playful and having fun without saying a word….!  Everyday is NOT a dress up day (at least not for me)  sometimes casual, comfortable and cute is all I GOT…,  a pair of  cute jeans,   T-shirt , lipstick and I’m out!  I love these classic fun t-shirts  ready for spring and full of attitude!!  Sometimes you just gotta Break the rules have fun and express yourself!!

Journee Peep toe ruffled pumps $39Journee Peep toe ruffled pumps back $39

h & m block jeansdope shit tshirt

make me cupcakes teePaige Sawyer destructedAnne Michelle Watercolor pumpsAnne Michelle Watercolor pumps1

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