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Beauty Real Talk…Bad Breath

Hey there Beautiful

bad breathOral hygiene is so important! Let’s talk about being orally responsible for you and for the folks around you. Don’t be the one who looks amazing, face beat, beautiful skin, hair and nails with dragon breath…YUCK.  Bad breath is such a turn off, and it could be a strong indicator of gum disease or poor overall dental hygiene.  I’m a teeth and floss fanatic! I’m so afraid of having bad breath that I have gone completely over board with flossing, mouthwash, breath spray, gum…mints you name it!!! Gum and mints can often be a disguise for bad breath, the bottom line is to take care of your mouth.  I was once told by my dental hygienist  many years ago, that if I was going to chew gum (which really is not a great ideal) be sure to chew gum or mints with Xylitol.  Xylitol has proven dental benefits and it helps stimulate saliva restoring your mouth to a neutral acidity level….crucial for managing bad breath. Most of us don’t do it on a regular basis unless we get something stuck in our teeth..yep I’m talking about floss!! Flossing is so important, it gets the food out from in-between your teeth that can settle and smell!! Gross!!!  Bacteria can build-up so easily in your mouth causing bad breath orders that no amount of tic-tacs’ can help… I don’t mean to sound crass about it, but poor oral hygiene can lead to much bigger issues!  spry berry mints-1If you chew gum a lot like me  try the Spry brand like the  Spry Gems mints Berry $1.74 at the Vitamin Shoppe I purchase them at Sprouts you can usually find in the natural food section of most supermarkets or online. I also use Tom’s Wicked Fresh Natural mouthwash which has Xylitol in it too. Beauty is toms wicked fresh

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